EKK 2015

22/01/2016 · h2p · En Kompis KompisQuitter.se

nya servern

Last year was a great year for En Kompis Kompis! Qvitter has improved, and the number of users on the GNU social network is constantly increasing. New instances pop up all the time too. Check out e.g. Quitter.no, Quitter.nu, Gnusocial.no and Anarchy.social, hosted by kollektivet0x242 in Norway. Quitter.is and Quitter.es is provided by MMN-o, and there is also laMatriz, Quitter.im, Quitter.cat, Gnusocial.de, Gnusocial.ch etc etc. Great!

We have bought a used but much faster server that also have a lower energy consumption. The server change also meant we could upgrade the OS and set up a much better backup solution.

nya servern

We are very grateful for all the generous donations during 2015. More than half the internet connection fees and utility costs were covered by gifts from people on GNU social! The server was donated by @3mp0, our chairperson. This year we will get better at sending thank you emails to the people who donate!