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Many new users on Quitter.se

18/01/2015 · h2p · Quitter.se

Quitter.se has been flooded with users in the last few days, after a popular Spanish twitterer registered an account and wrote about it on Twitter. 2 500 new accounts was created before we had to close registrations. Quitter was trending on Spanish Twitter for a while!

This has made the site a little slow. Now we’re working on server upgrades to be able to open registrations again. In this picture we are installing more memory in the server.


A few new Quitter sites has popped up following this, e.g. Quitter.es and Quitter.zone. Quitter.no and Quitter.is already existed. These sites have also got thousands of new users. That’s awesome! Now we’re super motivated to continue developing the Qvitter software for GNU social.

If you are wondering how to help, the best thing you can do is to start your own Quitter site and help with the development of the software, GNU social and Qvitter. Another very good thing is to support the existing sites. Read more under Donations on how to donate to us.

There has been some buzz in Spanish media about Quitter:

New features on Quitter.se

29/11/2014 · h2p · Quitter.se

Quitter.se has got a new look. The user interface is the Qvitter software, developed by En Kompis Kompis. News in this version is image attachments, easier avatar change, background image selection and a FAQ-section written by users on Quitter.se. We hope you enjoy it!



Thank you for the donations in september!

29/10/2014 · h2p · En Kompis Kompis

Many thanks to all of you who donated to En Komis Kompis in September. We got around 100 USD, which is about half of our monthly expenses (connection, VPN/static IPs and utility costs). We haven’t got as much in October, but there is still time :-)

If your thinking of donating, consider sending a small amount by automatic transfer each month, instead of a big one-time donation. But with that being said, we’re very grateful for one-time donations too.

Anyway. Here is a picture from when we visited the servers the other day. Emil took one of them home to work with upgrades.


En Kompis Kompis has got a website!

18/09/2014 · h2p · En Kompis Kompis

Welcome! Here you can find information on what we do, and we will sometimes write posts about what’s happening in the organisation.