quitter.seQuitter.se is a free microblog. We designed it to look familiar and be easy to use for those who have experience with similar sites. But Quitter is different:

In the same way that you can send an e-mail from Gmail to Hotmail, you don’t need a Quitter account to talk to quitters. This should not be an issue, but the commercial services do not allow their users to talk to people on other sites. A decentralized network distributes power into more hands, makes the network more stable and more difficult to censor for corporations and governments.

Another great advantage of decentralized networks is that it becomes more difficult for corporations to take control over the network and make profit from our communications (i.e. spotification). If we build the network so that it is difficult to make money from it, it will be easier for democratically run organizations and foundations to establish themselves. We think social media would have been very different if it was run by non-profits, like Wikipedia.

An important way for social media corporations to monetize our social life, is to filter it. When we let the companies serve us “top news” etc, we are giving them the opportunity to sell what should be included there. But in non-profit social media the sites have no economic interest in manipulating their users’ feeds. Instead we get the opportunity to create our own filters.

Open source
Quitter is built entirely with free software, namely GNU Social and Qvitter. This means that you (if you have the knowledge) can see what happens under the surface and that we’re not doing anything fishy.

The means are ends
Using Quitter is political, not a conscious consumer choice. But it is not a protest. We think of it as a kind of non-violence, where the means are at the same time ends. We are trying to change the world by simply start acting the way we want it to be. We’re here, we’ve quit!

Not everyone has this privilege, but you just might.